6 Zone Paging Console A4353

SKU: 9321758141519


The optional A 4352 control PCB and A 4353 paging console allows remote paging to the 120, 240 and 480W JDM® public address amplifiers. The A 4352 control PCB is fitted internally to the amplifier. The sturdy all metal paging console connects to the A 4352 via standard Cat5e cabling. It allows paging to individual zones, or combination of zones. Plus an ‘all-call’ button. Up to 3 mic consoles may be daisy-chained to allow zone paging from several remote locations. In built auxiliary input allows a remote music source to be played to selected zones. Maximum cable distance from furthest mic console to amplifier cannot exceed 1000m.

Note: for remote paging applications you require one A 4352 control PCB and up to three A 4353 paging consoles.

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