Audio Lead Male To Female XLR Microphone Cable 3 Pin XLR 15m P0705

SKU: 884957036073


This 15m Amphe-Sound Balanced XLR male to XLR female cable (PR0110A015) provides high end performance for balanced audio systems. They feature premium Amphenol connectors with rugged die cast housings for superb protection in pro-sound installations.

The heavy duty screened cable provides a 'no compromise' performance level for sound professionals looking for the best possible audio output. Includes velcro cable wrap for convenient storage and a heat shrink label sleeve to mark each cable.


  • Top quality Amphenol die cast connectors.
  • Heavy duty screened cable for 'no compromises' audio quality.
  • The choice for pro sound professionals.
  • Durable PVC cable jacket.
  • Includes velcro wrap for easy storage.
  • Heat shrink label sleeve allows for quick cable identification.
  • RoHS compliant.

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