Blackhawk 4G-5G Indoor Wall Mount Panel Antenna, 698 to 4000 MHz, N Female ANT-BH-WAL

SKU: 9337692000515


Blackhawk Wall Mount 698-4000MHz 5-8dBi Panel Antenna -150dBc PIM N/F

The Blackhawk Indoor Wall Mount Antenna is designed to provide mobile coverage inside a building when connected to a cellular repeater system. Indoor panel antennas are a lightweight and highly cost effective means of projecting mobile coverage in a forward direction. An example may be placing the panel antenna facing down a hallway or on the rear wall of a supermarket.

Indoor panel antennas are considered “semi-directional”, where they aim to provide a moderate 5 to 7 dBi gain, which makes sure coverage is transmitted in a wide arc (between 60 and 90° depending on frequency band).

The antenna supports all major 4G and 5G mobile networks globally and has a low-PIM design to broadcast multiple carriers from the one antenna.


  • Provides a 5 dBi gain for 698 to 960 MHz
  • Provides a 7 dBi gain for 1710 to 4000 MHz

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