Blackhawk 4G-5G Slim Series Ceiling Antenna, 700 to 4000 MHz, N Female

SKU: ANT-BH-00010


The Blackhawk Indoor Slim Ceiling antenna is designed for use in an In-Building Coverage system, such as those engineered by Powertec using the Cel-Fi GO.

The antenna has been shaped to generate a 360° hemisphere of signal for complete internal coverage when mounted on the ceiling.


  • Designed to be mounted to the ceiling of your building to provide consistently distributed mobile phone service from your Cel-Fi repeater / booster system.
  • The thin white design allows the product to be nearly invisible when mounted, yet provides industry-leading increases for in-building coverage and capacity.
  • The Slim Series have the added advantage of being Horizontally Polarised to increase donor-service antenna isolation which is particularly important when installing systems in confined spaces such as demountable “donga” buildings.

Antenna Data Sheet 

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