BLACKHAWK 4G Trucker Edge Compact LITE Antenna, 700 to 2200 MHz, SMA Male ANT-BH-00030

SKU: 9337692000317


The Blackhawk Omni Trucker Edge Compact LITE at 60 cm will provide the perfect solution for voice and data applications. It is lighter in weight than its sister antenna the Trucker Edge Compact, weighing only 1.2 kg.

The new design includes a smaller barrel which helps reduce weight and minimises vibration and subsequent damage caused by driving on corrugated roads found in remote and harsh environments.

This premium grade antenna will satisfy 3G and 4G capabilities for all the major networks in Australia and can be used for commercial and industrial 3G and 4G applications.


  • Streamline in design and light in weight
  • Ruggedised construction for extreme conditions.
  • Can be mounted to car bonnet or bullbar
  • Supplied with 4 m of PT240 LSHF ultra-flex cable with a pre-fitted SMA male connector

Data Sheet

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