BUSHNELL 10x 50 Powerview Prism Binoculars '131056

SKU: 29757165015


The Bushnell PowerView Series is the largest line manufactured by Bushnell, built with great quality and offered at affordable pricing. In this PowerView Series, there are number of binoculars with different magnifications and sizes that suit to different customers' needs. It's multi or fully coated optics allow lights gathering and give the greatest transmission.It contemporary styling is never disappointing anyone of you!

To provide a firm grip, the PowerView Series Binoculars come with non slip rubber armor to absorb shock. If you are after a compact yet high powered magnification binoculars, the Bushnell PowerView 10x50mm will be your ultimate choose.

The Instafocus system of Bushnell PowerView 10X50 Porro Binoculars also help to focus automatically from your location to your targeted objects, it's fast and easy to focus on moving target, so you wouldn't lose focus and miss any moment in your life! This binoculars suitable for traveler's and who love to observe the nature views and wildlife viewing. If you need a binoculars during concert or huge event, we will recommend this binoculars as well!

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