Prospecting Pick - Jewel (handle length 450mm) CC004

SKU: 20006693


CC Picks Jewel (handle length 450mm)

CC Picks manufacture their picks from one piece of spring steel. This eliminates weak welded joins which prospectors have found frustrating when those picks have snapped at the welded joins when digging around and under tree roots. The picks are produced from industrial strength spring steel to ensure dirt is flicked out.

CC Picks use a unique hardening process, which is then factory tested to ensure strength and durability. These picks have a 10 degree loft in the picks head to assist in scraping dirt away and the pick heads are wider requiring less scraping.

They have incorporated unique wings on the picks’ head, which ensures that the dirt stays in the 'zone’ and is not sprayed around. The handles that have been chosen are suitable for tough Australian conditions and are made from all Australian hardwood.

The "Jewel" has the following features;

  • handle length of 450 mm
  • total pick weight of 970 grams
  • 4 mm thick steel for the head.

This is the smallest in this range of winged picks.

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