CELLINK External Antenna Adaptor Patch Cables CAL2560

SKU: 9325872014735


Suits Mobile Phones & Wireless Internet

Patch Lead Antenna Adaptor Direct Connection Type
These adapter antenna cables, passive inductor plates and dedicated cradles allow you to couple your phone or wireless internet card directly to an external antenna for improved reception.
One end of the adapter cable connects to the phone and the other end terminates to an FME Male (or other) connector, thus allowing your phone to be connected to an external Antenna. Fully Compatible with our complete range of CELLINK Car Antennae. This combination may also help with poor indoor reception areas. Just mount an external antenna on the window and couple the connector to the coax cable lead


Description Patch Lead Antenna Adaptor Direct Connection Type
Plug 1 MS-147
Plug 2 FME Male
Cable RG174u
Manufacturer Daichi
Length 0.5M

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