Crookes Radiometer

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Heebie Heebies Crookes Radiometer - 22cm

Learn all about thermodynamics with the Crookes Radiometer. When exposed to light or heat, the vanes will spin. Comes in 22cm high models and makes for an educational decoration.

In a world where energy is scarce we’re relying more and more on the sun for power. The Crookes Radiometer can show you in real time the impressive power of light.

How does it work?

Inside the Crookes Radiometer is a rotor with 4 metal vanes. The vanes are silver on one side and black on the other.

When exposed to light or heat the black side of the vane heats up faster than the silver side causing a small current of air that turns the vanes! The vanes spin faster as light gets more intense. It's thermodynamics in action and fascinating to watch!

It's a real-world way to learn about the powers of thermodynamics. Who knows, it may inspire the next Einstein! Just stick it under the sun and watch it spin!


  • Solar powered science!
  • The vanes spins when in direct sunlight
  • The more intense the light, the faster it spins!
  • No power supply required
  • Perfect for wannabe Einsteins


  • Material: Glass / Metal
  • Age: Suitable for children under supervision. Not suitable for kids under 3

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