Dante 2 Input 4 Output Converter Interface Box A4831

SKU: 9321758225011


This 2 Input 4 Output Converter Interface Box is used to convert the proprietary standard called CSP to the widely adopted Dante standard. Distributed audio signals over UTP cabling are becoming increasingly widespread in large building installations and multi-function venues. This suite of products, used together provide a connected solution for local zone inputs, feeding signals back to centrally located zone amplifiers.

The suited accessory for the input/output converter interface box is a range of Wallplates which can also be used in a stand-alone point to point basis, allowing balanced and unbalanced signals to be sent over long distances (up to 600m depending on cable used and configuration of plates). To simplify installation power is only required at one end of the cable run and most plates can be daisychained to additional plates.

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