Goldseekr Detector Bungee Strut (Hip Stick) Adjustable Metal AC005

SKU: 9369999320928


Gain Improved Results And Maximise Your Detecting Efforts .

The Bungee Strut or Hips stick as it is known, is quite likely the most helpful piece of equipment you could pack for you detecting trip because it will not only save you energy, but it will save you from muscle aches and fatigue all from transferring the weight of your metal detector to you hip during every swing.  

• Made from a tough, flexible, UV hardy nylon and strong, superlight carbon fibre tubes
• Will not crack or break.

Universal Metal Detector Accessory.
• 100% Designed and made in Queensland, Australia.
• Hip-Mounted Metal Detector Support
• One-Size-Fits-All
• Maximise Your Detecting Efforts
• Improve Endurance
• Cover More Ground
• Adjustable length 33-57cm (13-22”)
• Telescopic carbon fibre tubes
• Unbreakable FlexiTuff material
• Self-retaining ball and socket base
• Fits to Belt, Harness or Waist band.


1. Slide the base clip over your belt, harness webbing or hip seam of your clothing.
2. Press the ball base into base clip socket
3. Slide the top shaft into the bottom shaft and clip the top to your harness “D” ring.
4.  Slide the adjusting lock to the desired hight and press until the locating pin visibly protrudes through both lower shaft holes. 
5. Attach your detector bungee and you’re done.


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