DJI Spark Propeller Guards (3661645)

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Designed for DJI Spark PT1 - Propeller Guards fits Spark Quick-release folding propellers; prevents propellers from breaking or causing injury; small and lightweight construction; easy to mount and detach.

Ensure maximum flight safety with these DJI Spark propeller guards. It covers the propellers so that the spinning blades can't be caught by inquisitive fingers, paws, or noses, and it also helps reduce damage to the blades should go near anything. These DJI Spark propeller guards are small and lightweight so that they're easy to mount.

It protects the propeller blades of your Spark quadcopter in the event of a crash or collision. The Prop Guard is designed only for the DJI Spark quadcopter.

Key Features 

  • Adds Additional Element of Safety
  • Fits DJI Spark Only
  • Protects Propellers from Collisions
  • Covers the propellers.
  • Aids flight safety, protecting people and objects from spinning propellers.
  • Small, lightweight, easy to mount, and detach.
  • Designed for DJI Spark quadcopter
  • Fits Spark Quick-release folding propellers
  • Propeller guard

Designed for DJI Spark quadcopter

For a proper fit

Fits Spark Quick-release folding propellers

Allows you to cover the propellers on your existing device.

Propeller guard

Aids flight safety helps reduce the risk of cutting objects or harming people.

Small lightweight construction

Enables simple installation and removal.





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