DJI Tello Propellers (Pair)



Ensure your Tello drone can lift off again with these DJI Tello PT2 - Propellers (Pair) are quick-release propellers. They are lightweight and durable thanks to the precision construction, and the blades attach quickly to minimise downtime caused by unexpected trees and heavy landings. These Tello quick-release propellers ensure maximum performance from your Tello drone each time you take off.

This replacement propeller blades for the Tello drone. This bundle includes a full set of four propellers for the Tello. You get a pair of clockwise propellers, and a pair of counterclockwise propellers.

Key Features 

  • Quick mounting and releasing
  • Fast, powerful thrust, well balanced
  • Lightweight and durable propellers
  • Specially designed for Tello
  • Genuine replacement propeller

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