Dock for Square Reader SQU005R

SKU: 817044020068


The Dock for Square Reader provides the perfect home for your contactless and chip card reader. This keeps your Square Reader charged and in place for quick and seamless transactions. Square Reader not included.

Pick the perfect spot for your payments. The Dock keeps your Square Contactless and Chip Reader securely in place so it’s easy for customers to tap or insert their cards or devices.

The Dock’s long cable (1.8m) enables you to choose the spot that works best for your countertop and your customers, while keeping your reader charged all day.

Key Features

Pair with your point of sale
Connect a docked Square Reader wirelessly to a supported iOS or Android device.

Positioned for payments
The dock keeps your Square Reader in place so it’s ready to accept a payment.

Tap and go
Contactless cards and devices with Apple Pay and Google Pay are fast, secure and convenient. Face your docked reader toward your customers to encourage them to tap their cards or devices.

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