Firephone Warden Intercom Point (WIP) A2096

SKU: 9321758086018


Designed specifically for use in emergency warning systems. Warden intercom points (WIPs) are used to communicate between floor wardens and the main emergency evacuation panel. When the handset is lifted the firephone automatically rings the emergency evacuation panel. When the emergency evacuation panel calls the WIP, the call tone sounds through the speaker in the body of the phone. When the handset is lifted, it automatically switches from the speaker in the body to the speaker in the handset. The firephone is manufactured from strong ABS and is fire engine red in colour. Simply hang the phone on the two keyholes of the bracket

Dimensions 214L x 70W x 78H (height is case only extra 3mm with bracket attached)

Call Tone: >80dB 1W/1m
Frequency Response: 300Hz -3KHz
Line Impedance: 600Ω/4.7kΩ Selectable
Terminations: Screw Terminals
Material: ABS

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