Folding Stand – for Minelab SDC2300 AC003

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 Keeping your SDC2300 upright and your coil flat is now in the bag ! 

Ever been annoyed by your SDC falling sideways right when you were about to test your scoop for a possible target? Now you can breath a little sigh of relief.

With this Folding Flip Stand your little blue hoover can literally stand on it’s own two feet while you check your scoop for the targets it has helped you locate.

When things go as we expect we feel a sense of progress. So not only will you save time and cover more ground, you’ll keep a sparkle in your eye – which always has a funny way of lining you up with nice surprises doesn’t it? 

• Does NOT interfere with Coiltek® accessory kits
• Allows your SDC2300 to be fully folded for storage – Just fit and forget!
• The FlipStand is can save you from frustrating tip-overs with every target you dig!


• Helps prevent frustrating tip-overs when checking target diggings

• Aims to improve your field time efficiency  

• The SDC2300 remains fully foldable for transport or storage

• Helps make your gold finding efforts more enjoyable and easier


*Dector not included.


• Tough, flexible copolyamide Nylon with customised strengthened infill

• Super lightweight at just 40g

• Reversible folding recess

• Shaft-mounted  and securely attached with supplied bolt and wing nut

• Accommodates coil cable for use with Coiltek® accessory shaft


  1. Remove the bolt and wing nut and separate the legs from the Shaft Sleeve
  2. A/ . Wrap the Shaft Sleeve around the SDC shaft with the tapers pointing to the coil.
    B/ . With Coiltek® Kits , simply point tapers toward the machine.
  3. Fit the legs into the mount, replace the bolt through the parts and tighten the wing nut.
  4. To change leg position simply loosen the wing nut and retighten with legs in the new position.
    – That’s it. You’re all set!

 *When using with Coiltek Coils, point tapered end of mount toward machine.

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