Funduino DIY Geek Kit Z6314

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A comprehensive tinkerers parts kit for learning how Arduino works. It includes an Arduino UNO compatible board, protoshield, alphanumeric LCD, dot matrix LED module, 7 segment displays, two breadboards, stepper motor, servo, IR remote, connection leads, battery box and a variety of components, buttons and sensors.

Requires 6 x AA batteries (sold separately)

Pack Includes:
1602 LCD Display
50K Linear Pot
830 Hole Breadboard
RGB LED Module
6x AA Battery Case
Arduino UNO R3 Compatible Board
Ball/Tilt Switch x2
Buzzer x2
Development Expansion Board
Pin-to-Socket Connection Leads x10
Pin-to-Pin Connection Leads x30
Flame Sensor
Handy Storage Box with Dividers
Header Pins x40
Infra-Red Receiver
LED - Blue x5
LED - Red x5
LED - Yellow x5
Light Dependant Resistors x3
LM35 Temperature Sensor
Mini Breadboard
Mini Remote Control
PS2 Joystick
Resistor 1K x5
Resistor 220 Ohms x8
Servo Motor
Seven Segment Display (1 digit)
Seven Segment Display (4 digit)
Stepper Motor
Stepper Motor Driver Board
Tactile Switch x10
Mini Tactile Switch x4
USB Cable
Relay Module

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