GME External Speaker for Detectors - Dual Speakers - Mono 125535

SKU: 10002490


Dual Speakers (MONO) with CLIPS -  Mono (Direct from Detector)

This 8 ohm, 5 watt extension speaker has a black case with a durable expanded mesh grille. It measures 73x65x30mm, has a 1m lead (+/- 5cm) with a 6.5 ml gold-plated  stereo plug.  It is suitable to use with Enhancers (SD, GP and GPX 4000) or straight from the battery with the GPX 4500 or 5000.  it has a sturdy clip on the back for attachment to the harness.

These are for the prospector who enjoys using speakers but would like to have a speaker on each side of the harness. 

It means that on windy days there is still good sound quality from the detector. 

Both speakers are wired together so that the one plug goes into the battery but 2 speaker cables (1.15 m +/-5cm) emerge from the plug. 

These will work without any booster / enhancer required when used with the standard Minelab 5-Pin battery. work.

STEREO OPTIONS also available.

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