Gold Panning Kit 7 Pc SQ5552216

SKU: 706569085051


7Pc Gold Panning Kit

  • 1Pc 13.1/4” Sifting Pan (Mesh Size: 1/2”, Wire Thickness: 1.4mm)
  • 1Pc 10" Gold Pan, Dual Riffles (3" x 1/4" Deep Riffles, Micro Riffles), Plastic Body, Green Colour
  • 1Pc 10" 14” Gold Pan ,Dual Riffles (3” x 1/4” Deep Riffles, Micro Riffles). Plastic Body, Green Colour
  • 1Pc Tweezer With 5x Magnifier , Glass Lens
  • 1Pc 8.1/4" Plastic Snifter Bottle For Gold Panning, 4 FL Oz / 120ML
  • 2Pc Glass Vials

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