Heavy Duty Prospector's Scoop Blue 125217

SKU: 20006419


Our Prospector’s Scoops are the toughest on the market and are a must-have for accompanying your metal detector, gold panning, treasure hunting and gold prospecting.

Features of this product include:

  • Heavy-duty ABS Plastic material that does not rust or corrode
  • Non-metallic scoop material for easily sensing metal when scanning under a metal detector
  • Bright colours so that you don’t lose your scoop again or dark colours to spot gold even easier.
  • Lanyard hole in the handle provides attachment options
  • Accurately retrieve & locate targets in dirt & over detector coil.
  • Saves hands from prickles & crawlies!
  • 32.5cm long 9.3cm wide 4cm deep (approx) 

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