Infra-Red Extender System - Wall Mount IR Emitter A1077

SKU: A1077


This infra red distribution system allows you to remotely control AV equipment throughout your home via Cat5 cabling (we recommend W2759 cat5e cable). Typically the A 1074 hub would be located with the AV equipment and A1076 wall plates are installed in convenient locations eg: entertaining areas, lounge, theatre, games room etc.

You can then use your standard remote control to send commands back to your AV equipment from anywhere a wallplate is located. A typical use would be in a home theatre system where the AV equipment is either behind you, in a remote location or in a wall cabinet. The infra-red wallplate is mounted at the front of the room providing easy control for all your AV devices. A maximum of 8 devices can be controlled from each A 1074 IR hub simply by using IR emitter leads (available separately). The A 1075 IR target allows you to place a remote control receiver at another location eg: kitchen or entertaining area.

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