Infra Red Extension Kit Foxtel Compatible A1171A

SKU: 9321758165485


Includes hub, one infra red target and two dual infra red emitters and power supply. Compatible with Foxtel IQ boxes.

This infra red distribution system allows you to remotely control your AV equipment even when it is mounted inside a cabinet or located in another room. This complete kit contains everything you need to get a system running.

Dual IR emitters: These plug into the hub and are placed in close proximity of the equipment to be controlled. They relay the IR commands to the AV devices. The A 1171A kit is already supplied with emitters, however if you have many devices to control, this dual emitter may be used to control two devices on a single IR output.


  • 4 x Emitter output connections
  • Power socket with LED indicator
  • Large detachable IR target connection
  • Compact surface mount package



  • Receive frequency range: 34kHz to 60kHz
  • Range: 13m at 38kHz, 8m at 56kHz
  • Connector type: 3.5mm Phono TRS socket
  • Connections pinout: Tip/Signal, Sleeve/+V, Ring/Gnd
  • Power input: 5V DC
  • Cable length: 3m
  • Dimensions: 20L x 9.4W x 7H mm

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