IR Remote Extender System Junction Box RL-IR505 A1041

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This suite of resi-linx® infra red (IR) products allows remote control of your AV equipment from anywhere in the house.

The system consists of two units, a distribution module (A 1040) which is located with the AV equipment, and a receiver module (A 1041) which is located in each room/zone. The two modules are connected with standard Cat 5e UTP cabling. The maximum distance between the units is 60m.

Each room can be connected in either a loop ‘daisy-chain’ style or centralised star wiring (with use of the A 1043).

The A 1040 distribution module has 7 IR outputs, each of which are connected to IR emitters. Four standard outputs, two discrete outputs (see below for more information about ‘discrete IR’) and one ‘direct injection’ output. This is an attenuated output for direct connection to equipment capable of direct injection ie: high end AV receivers. This eliminates IR errors.

The A 1041 junction box includes a ‘flat screen friendly’ IR target. Each junction box is configured with a DIP switch to use standard, discrete or direct injection outputs as desired. Junction boxes are powered from the A 1040 distribution module (over Cat 5e UTP cable).
For integration to RF modulator systems an A 1045 infra-red injector can be used to convert signals from an IR target to RF signal (via F connectors).

About discrete infra red
Discrete infra red is useful in particular situations where common equipment is installed in two locations. For instance, a Foxtel box located in the lounge, and one in the bedroom. Ordinarily an IR system would relay the IR signal from the bedroom to the lounge, changing the channel on both set top boxes!

Discrete IR filters out the bedroom’s IR signal ensuring only the local Foxtel box is affected, while still maintaining control of other equipment in the system. The A 1040 & A 1041 offers this discrete IR feature at a significantly lower cost than other systems on the market.

Included in box:
Target Junction Box
LCD Friendly Target


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