IRODA Solderpro Gas Soldering Gun Kit 180 Multifunction T2651

SKU: 742286031810

$169 $185

The T2561 IRODA SolderPro 180 kit comprises the T2650 IRODA gas soldering gun supplied in a sturdy carry case with a range of tips, spare butane cartridges, a solder sucker, a tip sponge and a range of handy tools.

To buy all these items separately it could cost you up to $250! Save a fortune and buy them all at once.

For filter cleaning, we recommend T3035 isopropyl alcohol solution.

Package Contents:
  • 1x T2650 soldering gun
  • 1x Deflector tip
  • 1x Hot blower tip
  • 1x 1.8mm conical tip
  • 1x Spare gas filter
  • 1x Stainless steel cleaning brush
  • 1x Solder sucker
  • 1x Wire cutters
  • 1x Flux paste
  • 1x Cleaning sponge
  • 2x Refillable butane cartridges
  • 1x Solder dispenser

Important Note On Butane Gas
We recommend the use of high quality Iroda butane gas for use in all Iroda gas powered products. Inferior or lower grade butane may contain a higher level of impurities which will block the internal microscopic filters faster causing intermittent or complete failure.

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