IRODA Solderpro Soldering Iron Gas 150 125W T2630

SKU: 742286050033


The SolderPro 150 is a professional grade automatic ignition soldering iron/torch multi-function heat tool. Powered by a removable/refillable liquid energy cell (L.E.C.), the T2630 boasts an equivalent power range of 30-125W as an iron, and as a torch produces a 1300ºC flame. The T2630 features an inbuilt safety stand ensuring you can work with minimal risk anywhere, anytime.

Supplied with 1x L.E.C butane cartridge and 1x 1.6mm conical tip.


  • Soldering Iron is equivalent to a power range of 30-125 Watts.
  • Torch function produces 1300°C flame
  • Cordless and portable, simple operation anywhere
  • Ready to use 15 seconds after ignition
  • Works in cold weather
  • Inbuilt safety stand
  • 30 minutes of operation at mid setting (per 20ml cartridge).

Important Note On Butane Gas
We recommend the use of high quality Iroda butane gas for use in all Iroda gas powered products. Inferior or lower grade butane may contain a higher level of impurities which will block the internal microscopic filters faster causing intermittent or complete failure.

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