JONSA Satellite Iron Roof Mount SBS1

SKU: 9333095002903


Design gust wind speed at antenna height for ultimate strength limit state (Vh,u) maximum Dish Size: 85 CM wind region: C wind speed: 61m/s WIND class: N4 & C2 superseded permissible stress wind speed category: W50 terrain category / topographic class combination: C/TC3/T1 OR C/TC2/T0 OR B/TC1/T1

Domestic: up to a height of 8.5m Commercial: up to a height of 10m (3 storey)


  • All mounts are manufactured using high quality steel and most models are galvanised to withstand the harsh Australian climate
  • Our mounting hardware is suitable to be used in domestic and commercial applications
  • Suits 65 cm and 85 cm Satellite Dishes

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