LED Strip Light 5050 Addressable RGB Magic 1.3m X3222A

SKU: 9321758235720


This decorative WS2812B RGB LED strip features on-board chips to control the colour of each individual LED using open source platforms such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. This allows for it to be controlled individually, which makes it ideal for programming and producing dynamic and creative effects. 60 LEDs per metre. 5V DC input. Weatherproof rated at IP67 for indoor or outdoor use.

Power Supply Requirements
LED strips can require quite powerful power supplies. This strip lighting utilises RGB LEDs which can have varying current requirements depending on the brightness and colour the LED is displaying. Whilst the specification listed is an absolute maximum, we recommend 6 to 8A power supply for a full 5m reel.

Sold per 1.3m roll.


  • IP67 rated for indoor or outdoor use.
  • WS2812B on board controller chip
  • Controllable with Arduino or Raspberry Pi
  • 60 LEDs per metre
  • Ideal for creative lighting effects, Christmas lighting etc.
  • 10mm profile width, works with aluminium profiles (such as X3249/52)


  • Chip: WS2812B
  • Voltage: DC 5V
  • Typical Current Draw: 1.6-2.2A per metre (will vary with brightness/color).
  • IC Type: Internal sealing type
  • Maximum working current: 0.06A per LED
  • LED Chip: SMD5050 RGB
  • Width:10mm
  • Package: 1.3m/Roll
  • Connector: 3pin connector
  • LED Quantity: 60 LEDs/M

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