LongReach Telescopic Swing Arm – for Minelab GPX5000 AC001X

SKU: 20013066


GPX5000 LongReach Telescopic Carbon Fibre Easy-Swing Control Arm

Operating and transporting your GPX5000 with a swing arm is now made a little easier

Shorten or extend your metal detector swing arm and retain operational leverage as needed makes the Goldseekr LongReach swing arm perfect for larger coil sizes and weights. 

Minelab GPX5000, GP#, SD# Accessory.
• Suits all machines with 22mm Upper shaft (NOTE: does not fit GPX6000)


  • Guard Against Aches, Pain & Fatigue
  • Improve Endurance
  • Change handle profile to your preferred grip at any time 
  • Vehicle loading made quick and easy
  • Improve Coil Control and placement in tight areas
  • Left or Right-handed operation
  • Telescopic friction twist function with push-button shaft lock


  • Tough, hardy Nylon 3D printed fittings with custom infill
  • Left or Right-handed mounting
  • Rotatable handle position (flat side or curved side to palm) 
  • Screw-locking telescopic mechanism
  • Super light – weighs only 145g
  • Shaft position lock for pushing over grasses etc.
    Installing the LongReach Telescopic Swing Arm 


    1. Remove the bolt and wing nut.
    2. Separate the handle from the shaft sleeve.
    3. Mounting
    4. Mounting is the same for Right or Left handed operators. Simply wrap the shaft sleeve around the upper shaft and ensure the tapered sections point toward the coil.
    5. Fit handle mount into Shaft sleeve
    6. Replace bolt and tighten wing nut to suit.
    Additional information
    WEIGHT 0.145 kg
    DIMENSIONS 62 × 6 × 6 cm

    • Suites GPX5000 and GP/SD model shafts
    • FlexiTUFF Nylon fittings with internal fill.
    • Twill Carbon Fibre Telescopic shafts
    • 37-56cm adjustable length
    • 'Screw to lock' function
    • Supplied Plastic bolt/nut

    *Detector not included

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