Low Cost Entry Level Resin 3D Printer TL4650

SKU: 9319236775035


Unlike filament (FDM) type 3D printers, this resin printer uses UV light that passes through its 2K high resolution LCD screen to cure the resin layer by layer where it is needed. Compared to FDM this method produces a more detailed and smooth print with less visible print layers.  

This Protech RPE1 Resin 3D Printer is equipped with a 2K resolution 6.08” monochrome LCD to produce detailed models up to 160mm high x 129mm wide x 80mm deep. 

To operate the printer, simply use the Chitu Box slicer software supplied, to prepare and save the model on to the supplied USB thumb drive, which you insert into the the printer. Use the 3.5” touchscreen to operate and monitor your printers progress. 

Other features include quick FEP release film replacement & UV-blocking top cover.


  • 6.08” 2K Monochrome LCD 
  • Quick FEP Replacement 
  • Fast Printing Speed 
  • High Quality Z-axis



    • Operation: 3.5 inch Touch Screen
    • Software: Chitu Box Slicer
    • Connectivity: USB
    • Technology: LCD-based SLA
    • Exposure Screen: 6.08 inch monochrome 
    • Light-source: UV Integrated Light (wavelength 405nm)
    • XY Resolution: 1620 x 2560px (2K)
    • Z Axis Resolution: 0.01mm
    • Layer Resolution: 0.01-0.2mm
    • Printing Speed: Maximum 50mm/h
    • Build Volume: 160(H) x 129(W) x 80(D)mm
    • Material: 405nm UV Resin
    Maximum printing speed : 50
    PC interface : USB
    Print file format : STL
    Platform Material : Cast Aluminium
    Z Axis Position Accuracy : 1µm
    Length : 200mm
    Width : 200mm
    Height : 410mm
    Weight : 6.2kg
    Packaged Volume : 56.28l
    Packaged Weight : 8.14kg
    Packaged Length : 58.4cm
    Packaged Width : 30.4cm
    Packaged Height : 31.7cm
    Length : 129mm
    Width : 80mm
    Height : 160mm

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