Magnifying Glass Jewellers Eye Loupe with LED and UV Light 40X 125454

SKU: 12001446


40X Full Metal Illuminated Jewellery Loop Magnifier,XYK Pocket Folding Magnifying Glass Jewellers Eye Loupe with LED and UV Light (LED Currency Detecting/Jewellers Identifying Type Lupe)

Bright LED and UV Light: You can see objects clearly in dark or insufficient light conditions with this dual LED light source. The UV light works as a counterfeit detector for things such as the paper currency, passports, Credit cards, and traveler's checks etc

Pocket size:it is very convenient to carry and you can use it anywhere. It requires 3 LR1130 batteries (Batteries are Included).

Function:eye loupe is great for rock collectors, coin collectors, jewellers, hobbyists, and also makes a great gift for the kids to explore the fabulous tiny world.

Foldable Design:Just Pull Out the Jewellery Magnifier to Use, and Put It Back When Not In Use.

This 40X magnifying glass Illuminated Jeweller Loupe is built from durable metal with an optical glass that is 25 mm in length and has a dual bright LED light.


  • Battery model :LR1130 (included) 
  • Product Size:approx. 11.6cm x 3cm 
  • Voltage 1.5V 
  • Lens Diameter: 25mm 
  • Push switch to Turn ON OFF ON 
  • illumination: LED Light & with currency detection function UV light


  • Industrial purpose (Watch making, Jewellers) 
  • Medical science 
  • Coins and stamp collectors 
  • Geography 
  • Circuit board and printing industry 
  • Gardening 
  • Education 
  • House living and offices  

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