Merlin Premium E980M Water Resistant 4 button Remote - Compatible With Merlin



RK-RCMP12 MERLIN Premium+ E980M- Garage and gate remote control, 4-channel transmitter operating on a 434 MHz frequency, suitable for MERLIN+ and MERLIN+ 2.0 receivers. 


  • Merlin+ and Merlin+ 2.0
  • Rolling code
  • IP65 Rated (Water & Dust Resistant)
  • Transmitter Frequency: 434MHz
  • 4 Buttons
  • CR2032 Battery Included
  • Product complies to Consumer Goods (Products Containing Button/Coin Batteries) Safety Standard 2020.


Please note, this remote is compatible with both RCM21 and RCM25.

CR625EVO (Chamberlain HandyLift Plus 2.0)

CR655MYQ (Chamberlain Rollerlift)

CS60EVO (Chamberlain Powerlift)

CS100EVO (Chamberlain Powerlift Plus)

MJ3800MYQ (Commander Ultimate)

MR550EVO (Weatherdrive)

MR650EVO (Silent Drive)

MR655EVO (Quietdrive Pro)

MR655MYQ (Silentdrive Essential)

MR850EVO (Silent Drive)

MR855EVO (Silentdrive Pro)

MR855MYQ (Silentdrive Elite)

MS65MYQ (Commander Essential)

MS105MYQ (Commander Elite)

MS125MYQ (Commander Extreme)

MT3850EVO (Whisperdrive)

MT100EVO (Tiltmaster)

MT110MYQ (Commander myQ)

MT120EVOPS (CyclonePro)

MT50EVO (EntryLift)

MT60EVO (Powerace)

MRC950EVO (Overdrive)

ST50EVOB (Steel-Line)

ST50EVOC (Steel-Line)

E945 (Remote)

E943 (Remote)

E950M (Remote)

C945 (Remote)

MR60, MR600, MR600A, MR650, MR800, MR800A, MR850 & MR1000

MT5580, MT5580P, MT60, MT60P, MT600, MT800, MT1000, MT230 & MT3850

MJ3800 & MJ3800R


MGL300 & MGL400

MGS500, MGS500T, MGS1000 & MGS1000T

ML500, ML700 & ML500

MLR750 & MLR850

HE60 & HE60R

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