Microphone Delay/Mic-Line Recorder A1760

SKU: 9321758238301


Designed to be connected in-line between a microphone and an amplifier to remove feedback issues which arise when paging is executed in close proximity to the output speakers. This is achieved by delaying the output audio. The audio into the mic input will be recorded while the PTT contacts are closed. Once the PTT contacts open, the message will be played back. It can also operate as a mic or line input recording device. In this mode the recordings are activated/deactivated by a momentary closure of PTT contacts. In this mode there is no delayed audio playback. All recordings are stored on the Micro SD card. Up to 999 recordings can be stored on the card before they are overwritten automatically.

Frequency Response
Mic input : 50Hz - 12kHz, -3dB
Music input: 50Hz - 15kHz, -3dB

Input Sensitivity
5 pin XLR Mic input: 3mV
3.5mm Music input: 1V

Output Sensitivity
3 pin XLR Mic output: 3mV

Output Connectors
Output Active closing contact: Screw terminals
Mic output: 3 pin XLR

PTT Activitation
PTT via 5 Pin XLR microphone switch or PTT Screw terminals or PTT switch

Input Connectors
Mic Input: 5 pin XLR balanced
Music Input: 3.5mm stereo socket
24V DC power: Screw terminals
24V DC power: 2.1mm DC Jack
PTT Trigger: Screw terminals

LED Indicator: Ready, Recording, Busy, Playing, No SD Card

Audio File Formats: mp3, .ogg or .wav

Power Supply:24V DC 1Amp

Current Draw:40mA @ 24V DC

Dimensions:134mm(L) x 75mm(D) x 46mm(H)


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