MINELAB Commander Monoloop 15"Coil For GPX Series Detectors 3011-0074

SKU: 811493011561


15” x 12” Semi-Elliptical Commander Monoloop Coil For GPX Series Detectors

Extremely popular coil. Achieves great depth and sensitivity. Performs particularly well with the Enhance timing. This coil doesn’t leave much behind.

Monoloop coils are a special style of coil for Pulse Induction (PI) technology detectors (SD & GPX Series). These coils have one winding of wire around the circumference of the coil, which is used to both transmit and receive.

The signal pattern of the Monoloop coil is cone shaped, requiring more overlapping. In extremely heavily mineralised grounds they can be more difficult to ground balance, however they tend to provide slightly better depth than the Double-D coils. 

Water resistant: May be splashed, washed, used in drizzling rain, or moved through wet grass. Must not be submersed under water.

GPX detectors

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