Minelab Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack for GPZ 7000/CTX 3030 Metal Detector 3011-0279

SKU: 811493015705


Forgotten to charge your battery? This extra Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack ensures you never have to go home early because your battery ran out.

Fits Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector.

Compatible Metal Detectors

  • Minelab CTX 3030
  • Minelab GPZ 7000


The GPZ 7000 uses an advanced internal regulated power supply designed to provide maximum efficiency from the Minelab Li-ion battery packs. Due to the high power requirements of the GPZ 7000, it is NOT designed to be used with the CTX 3030 alkaline battery pack, or individual AA cells.

(Note - modifications to this alkaline battery pack, to allow it power the GPZ 7000, may void your GPZ 7000 detector warranty, if this results in damage to the GPZ internal power supply.)

However, if a smaller back-up battery is required for your GPZ 7000, then there is the option to use the standard CTX 3030 Li-Ion pack. This will provide enough power to last for several hours, but because the smaller CTX battery is just less than half the capacity of the GPZ battery, you should expect it to power the GPZ 7000 for only about half of the time. E.g. if you obtain 8 or more hours using certain GPZ settings, e.g. wireless audio on/off, GPZ on/off, then you should expect to obtain up to 4 hours from the CTX battery, with the same detector set up.

A compatibility matrix is shown below. If you are still unsure of which batteries suit the GPZ 7000 and/or CTX 3030 detectors, please contact Minelab or your dealer.

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