Minelab X-TERRA Skidplate

SKU: 3011-0152

Size: 10.5"
$11 $22

Keep your coils in top condition for a long and reliable life. We recommend replacing your skidplates before they wear through, so regularly check the condition of your detecting gear.


10.5-inch Double-D Skidplate, Black

10.5-inch Double-D Skidplate, Black

Fits X-TERRA and FBS 10.5-inch Double-D coils.

Part No. 3011-0152


10 x 5-inch Elliptical Skidplate, Black

10 x 5-inch Elliptical Skidplate, Black

Fits X-TERRA 10 x 5-inch Double-D Coil.

Part No. 3011-0232




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