Mobile Battery Bank 5000mAH D0505B

SKU: 9321758243046


A high capacity, slimline, lithium-polymer battery bank designed to keep your smart- phone, tablet or handheld game console powered up whilst out and about! Great backup device for those times you’re away from a mains plug. 5V 2.1A USB charging output. The powerbank takes 4-5hr to recharge. Includes charging lead for the powerbank. Includes micro USB to USB Type A lead for recharging the powerbank. Dimensions: 109.7L x 66W x 9.9Dmm.

Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Typical Capacity: 5000mAh / 18.5Wh
Weight: 72.8g
Dimensions: 109.7L x 66W x 9.9Dmm.

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