Mobile Phone Air Vent Mount Universal Magnetic D2202

SKU: 9321758253199


Ingeniously simple, this rare earth magnetic phone mount system allows you to secure your phone onto your vehicles air vent - no clips or fiddly adjustments required. Includes an adhesive metal disc (plus 3 spares) which attaches to the back of your phone/case. Mount clip is suitable for most horizontal air vents in vehicles. 

IMPORTANT INSTALLATION NOTE: Ensure the metal disc is not in the vertical centre of the phone. This can cause wireless charging to not operate. It is best to place the metal disc off centre (top 1/3rd of the phone height for instance) so that you can use your phone with wireless chargers.


  • Clips to your car air vent
  • Secure rare earth magnetic pad
  • Includes 4 metal adhesive backed discs for your phone
  • Suits most horizontal air vents in vehicles

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