Navman MiVue 150 Safety Dash Camera (5188098)

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If you’re someone who likes to know if there’s a safety camera around the next corner, look no further than this great little dash cam for Australian and NZ drivers. The MiVue 150 SAFETY is about much more than this. The 2.7” screen gives you precise audible and visual safety camera alerts to avoid fines, as well as a speed display as you drive.

Evidence is filmed in 1080P Full HD with optimised day/night recording and event recording mode is always on so there is no need to fiddle around with buttons if an incident occurs. The dash cam will also remind you if you need to switch on your headlights at dusk or when you’re leaving a carpark, or to take a break if you’ve been driving for more than two hours.

There is even an Eco Drive feature which measures the fuel efficiency of your drive by evaluating harshness of acceleration, braking and turning, and it comes with GPS tagging, 3-Axis G-Sensor and Wide-Angle Glass Lens you would expect in a dash cam of this quality. Also parking mode compatible with the addition of a SmartBox.

2.7” LCD Screen
2.7 inch screen and simple buttons for quick and easy menu navigation.

Full HD 1080P Recording
Capture the incident with high quality 1080P video recording for better quality evidence.

GPS Tagged Video
Record your position wherever you go. The built-in high sensitivity GPS receiver automatically records your driving information including location, direction and speed.

3-Axis G-Sensor
The 3-Axis G-Sensor, in the event of a collision shows the direction the impact came from, providing more information on how an impact happened.

Wide Angle Glass Lens
A wide angle camera for capturing every detail on the road. The high-quality glass lens lets more light in and delivers a sharper image.

Optimised Day/Night Recording
WDR support (Wide Dynamic Range) provides automatic optical adjustment with enhanced video quality to capture a wide range of details in challenging lighting (dark or bright) conditions.

Event Recording Mode
When the MiVUE detects sudden changes in motion or an impact, the device instantly saves a protected video of the event for future analysis.

Eco Drive
Know your driving efficiency. Be notified via the red/yellow/green indicator on how fuel efficient your drive is. The built-in 3-Axis G-Sensor generates the notification via your acceleration, number of turns taken and braking.

Driver Fatigue Alerts
Warns you when you have been driving for too long to keep you safe on the road.

Headlight Alerts
Reminds you to turn your lights on to keep you safe on the road.

Driving Speed Display
Stay safe and know your current speed with the built-in speedometer.

Parking Mode
With built-in motion detection technology, MiVUE can automatically start recording if your car is hit or damaged while parked.

Micro SD Card Memory Expansion up to 128GB
Navman Dash Cameras are only compatible with Class 10 and UHS 1 micro SD cards. We recommend cards from the endurance range as they are specifically designed and built for high intensity recording devices such as Dash Cameras.

Key Features

  • Full HD 1080P Recording
  • Safety Camera Alerts
  • Driving Speed Display
  • GPS Tagged Video
  • 3-Axis G-Sensor
  • Driver Fatigue Alerts
  • Headlight Reminder
  • Eco Drive Mode
  • Optimised Day/Night Recording
  • Rotating Design
  • Wide Angle Lens


 Vehicle Camera Type Drive Cameras
GPS type In-car GPS
Movie recording Full HD
Motion detection Yes
Night vision Yes
Device screen size (inches) 2.7
Expandable memory format Micro SD card
Expandable memory up to 128GB

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