Nuggetfinder Evolution 15″ Solid Coil E15RC

SKU: 20011352


All Evolution Series Coils are Fully Compatible with the Minelab GPX Series of Gold Detectors (Excluding GPX6000)

This coil is the best all-rounder on the GPX series, particularly if you hate the thought of missing those better bits at greater depth. Great depth, very good sensitivity and light enough for all day use. Will also suit GP and SD series units where ground conditions permit, as with all mono coils. This coil performs great on Gram + nuggets, but still has great Sensitivity on sub gram pieces. A fantastic all-round coil with a focus on larger bits.

The Nuggetfinder Evolution search coils provide a sharper target response on both smaller and large targets, for maximum performance. All coils feature an Auto Pressure Value, which comes into play in humid to hot weather conditions, as it allows for air built up inside the coil to be released through the pressure valve automatically.

Quality Nuggetfinder construction featuring: Litz wire, O-Ring sealed cable, foam infused spiral winding, High Density foam core for maximum rigidity, fully bonded and tapered ABS housing, strong Polycarbonate shaft mount, waterproof to 1m.


  • Solid coil design
  • Foam infused Flat Winding 
  • Litz Wire 
  • High Density Divinycell Foam Core 
  • O-Ring Sealed Cable
  • Fully bonded & Tapered ABS housing 
  • Polycarbonate Shaft Mount
  • Waterproof to 1 meter 
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 49x40x7 1.1kg

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