PA Mixer Amplifier 4 Zone 240W A4324

SKU: A4324


An economical solution for smaller installations including offices, workshops, smaller shopping arcades, schools etc. Supplied with one front panel mic input and three rear mounted mic inputs which can also be configured as line inputs. Inputs two and three are 3 pin XLR whilst input four consists of either a 3 pin XLR or RCA sockets. Input five is suitable for either a line or phono input. A preamp output socket is provided enabling connection to extra slave amplifiers. Four speaker zones may be selected on or off via the front panel switches. Output level is monitored via the LED VU meter. Provision is included to fit one of the following optional modules: A4344A Tuner or A4346 CD/MP3 player. Operation is from 240V mains with provision for 24VDC battery operation in the event of mains failure. Telephone paging is also available along with a chime and siren tone generator.

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