Phase Technical SDC2300 Audio Adaptor Lead PTSDC

SKU: 20019112


The Phase Technical Adaptor Lead connects to the headphone socket on the Minelab SDC 2300, and features a short fly lead and standard ¼” socket – allowing you to connect standard ¼” (6.35mm) headphones or external boosters, to get the most performance from the SDC2300. Now with a heavy duty chrome knurled 1/4″ socket.

The Phase Technical audio adaptor lead features quality over-moulded connectors and is designed to allow you to connect most headphones with a 1/4 inch socket. Also allows you to connect wireless headphones such as the Quest WireFree Pro or Lite. External Speakers: The adaptor lead also allows external speakers to be used; but a quality universal booster such as the SteelPhase sp01 will also be required.

Contact us for more questions on using an external speaker on the SDC 2300 – Phase Technical can provide a complete solution. WARRANTY – 6 Months* * To minimise the chance of cable breakage, it is strongly recommended to mount the adaptor lead in a fixed state. A short instruction sheet is provided.

PLEASE NOTE: Style of 1/4″ socket may vary slightly depending on supplier availability.

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