Phase5 Boost Public Address (PA) 2x125W Amplifier A4372

SKU: 9321758196007


Manufactured in Australia to stringent engineering criteria, the Phase 5 amplifier series exhibit quite remarkable performance and outstanding reliability. Over 2 years in design and development, the evolution of Phase 5 included extensive consultation and input from pro sound contractors and installers across the country. The host of features incorporated commend this amplifier series to the most demanding of pro sound and industrial PA system applications. Redback Phase 5 amplifiers incorporate on demand multi-staged thermally cued fan forced cooling. The output power stage is thermally monitored enabling automatic operation of a long life computer style cooling fan to "off" or "on" air flow through a specially designed tunnel heatsink. In quiescent or ordinary cycle paging mode the fan is inoperative. Over temperature sensing is employed to shut down the amplifier in extreme over heat conditions, eg extreme over load and /or over drive misuse. Re–start is automatic once normal temperatures are attained. Output peak limiting. The output voltage is limited to 105V maximum RMS voltage irrespective of load impedance to prevent damage to speaker load. Standard 100V line PA amplifiers can deliver up to 180 volts or more under conditions of high drive and very light loading. This output over voltage can quickly destroy any loudspeakers connected.

Power Output: 2 x 125 Watts RMS Distortion: < 0.5%, @ 1kHz Output Line: 100V Frequency Response Mic Inputs: 50Hz - 12kHz, -3db Mic Sensitivity (3 pin XLR): 500mV Signal to noise ratio Mic Inputs: > 75db below rated output Line Output: 600Ω balanced, 0dB , 3 Pin XLR Output Connectors Speakers: Screw terminals Input Connectors Inputs: 3 pin XLR balanced 24V DC power: Screw terminals 240V AC power: IEC power connector Controls Mic inputs: Volume Power: On/off switch Indicators: Power, signal present, output peak limiting, overtemp ,current limit, Protect, Half Power, 24V DC, Mains Power Supply: 240V AC or 24V DC Fuse Protection: 7.5A AC , 2x 10A DC Dimensions: ≈483W x 410D x 88H

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