Power Converter Step Down 24V To 12V 8A 96W DC-DC M8163

SKU: 9321758237991


An ever-increasing amount of electronic and electrical equipment are being installed in vehicles and boats. Because most low-voltage equipment, such as navigational aids, radio equipment, phones and car hi-fi systems are designed for 12 Volts and are not suitable for connection to a 24V battery system. This converter provides a regulated 12V d.c. output at a maximum of 8A from a typical 24V battery. Dimensions: 64x57x22mm


  • High efficiency: 97%
  • Wide input voltage from 18-35V
  • Waterproof & anti-shock protection
  • Compact size
  • IP68 rating
  • Die-cast shell
  • Over current, over temperature and short circuit protection
  • Non-isolated module


  • Input voltage: 18-35V d.c.
  • No-load current: 15mA
  • Fuse: 8A (external)
  • Output voltage: 11.9-12.15V
  • Output current: 8A
  • Voltage regulation: ±1%
  • Load regulation: ±1%
  • Regulator Accuracy: ±1%
  • Low voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over current protection
  • Casing Material: Die-cast aluminium shell
  • Input cable (positive "+"): Red; 18AWG; 16.5cm length
  • Input cable (negative "-"): Black; 18AWG; 16.5cm length
  • Output cable (positive "+"): Yellow; 16AWG; 16.5cm length
  • Output cable (negative "-"): Black; 16AWG; 16.5cm length
  • Weight: 108g

    *Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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