Public Address Amplifier (PA) 250W 4 Input A4387A

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The Redback A 4387A 250 Watt 4 channel mixer amplifier is specifically designed for applications requiring up to three microphone inputs, without compromising output power and overall performance. The amplifier features three inputs which can be configured for either microphone or line level operation. Dimensions: ≈483W x 300D x 88H.

The A 4377A (see related below) conservatively delivers 125W RMS power, while the A 4387A delivers 250W RMS. Frequency response extends from 50Hz to 15kHz ±3dB at a total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 0.5% @ 1kHz.

Vox muting is provided on inputs one and two, which, when activated, automatically mutes the other inputs. Bass and treble controls and phantom powering capability enable unparalleled flexibility for a wide scope of applications such as factories, workshops, mine sites, sports clubs and office buildings.

The amplifiers operate from 240V AC mains or 24V DC permitting battery backup operation during mains power failure. The output comes standard suitable for a 100V line load, but this can be configured internally to 70V line or low impedance (4 - 16Ω) loads.

Thermal overload, overcurrent and overload protection circuitry and fuses on both AC and DC provide excellent fault condition protection and robust performance. The amplifier also utilises a half power mode which enables the amplifier to continue to run at a reduced output level if it is being over driven.

Tape output sockets are provided for recording purposes or feeding into additional power amplifiers.

Remote volume available when A 4373 Digital volume control module fitted internally and external A 2280B wall plate or 1KΩ potentiometer connected.

Alert and Evacuation tones (conforming to AS1607.4) along with chime tones and voice over message option available when optional A 4573 fitted.

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