QPIX 35mm Films and Slide Scanner FS-01

SKU: FS-01


Easy Scanning Auto Colour Balance Scanner FS-01

Easy to Operate

The film and slide scanner makes it easy to digitise and archive 35mm films and slides. The image data are transferred via a USB connection to a PC and can be edited and archived with the included software.

Functions and features:
  • Scanning of 35mm slides and film strips, black and white and colour
  • High-resolution image sensor with 5 million pixels, 1800 dpi scan resolution (interpolated 3600 dpi) 10 bit / channel
  • Glass lens, Fixed Focus, F=2.0
  • Automatic exposure and colour balance control
  • Fast single-pass scanning
  • White, cold and power-saving (film-friendly) transmitted light LED illumination
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Image processing and archiving on a PC with MS Windows XP / Vista (also working with windows 7/10)
  • Power supply via USB
Technical Data
  • Image Sensor: 5 megapixels
  • Internal Memory: 24 MB for temporary storage for image processing
  • Scan Resolution: 1800 dpi (3600 dpi interpolated), 3x 10-bit (RGB)
  • Scan Method: Single pass (1 pass for all three primary colours)
  • Transparency: 3 LEDs, white
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Power supply: USB (bus powered)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 82 x 86 x 152 mm
  • Weight: 0.58 kg
  • Type:                             Slide scanner 
  • Technology:                  Host-powered 
  • Assembly:                     Holder for 35 mm film and slides 
  • Resolution:                    1800 dpi 
  • System requirements:   XP, Vista (also working with windows 7/10) 
  • Accessory:                  Film/negative holder, software, USB cable, Installation CD

Package List:
  • 1 * Scanner
  • 1 * Negative Film Holder
  • 1 * Slide Holder
  • 1 * USB Cable
  • 1*Cleaning Brush
  • 1*Operation Computer Software (PC & Mac)
  • 1 * User Manual (English)

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