RatTrap 100mm White Slim Ceiling Speaker Grille CB2098

SKU: 9321758193075


Modelled on the popular Redback® One-Shot design, the ‘rat trap’ uses an ingenious patented spring mechanism that snaps like a rat trap when activated. Includes three retaining clips ensuring the grille fits snugly to the ceiling without sagging or drooping, even in soft ceilings. For best results we recommend using the T 2312A holesaw.

NOTE: Speaker sold separately CC2099

Installation with soft tile ceilings
One-Shot Rat-Trap speakers are designed to suit a variety of ceiling tile materials, however when used with the soft mineral fibre type ceilings a special support must be used to prevent damage.

The range of One-Shot tile supports provide a solid surface for the retention clips to lock on to. This spreads out the force applied by the retention clips and minimises damage.

Ceiling tile supports options for this model:
C 2163 metal ceiling pan.
C 2164 plastic split ring.

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