RCA to Cat5 Extender (Receiver) A4946

SKU: 9321758241370


This Stereo RCA UTP receiver accepts signals from compatible Redback UTP solutions transmitters and converts the signal to a stereo RCA output. The output volume is screwdriver adjusted via the trimpot on the front of the unit. The unit is powered from 24V DC, which can be connected to the DC socket on the rear, or it can be supplied through the Cat5/6 cabling from other compatible Redback products (see connection matrix). A 24V DC plugpack is supplied for connection to the DC socket.

The Redback A 4946 can be connected to compatible Redback products such as the A 4940 and A 4944.

Part of the Redback UTP Solutions Range.
This product is part of the Redback UTP solutions range, a suite of interchangeable transmitters and receivers for connecting different types of audio signals between local zones and equipment racks. View the connection matrix for this product to see which items it will connect to in the Redback range.

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