REDBACK Fire PA Horn Speaker 10W 100V EWIS IP66 AS ISO7240.24 C CF2050G

SKU: 9321758227695


Designed to meet AS ISO7240.24:2018. A One-Shot horn speaker designed to save installers time and money. Typically to terminate cabling internally on a horn speaker it involves removing three screws on the rear cover, connecting the cable and then re-installing the same screws.

As you can imagine, doing this up a ladder can get quite fiddly! The One-Shot horn eliminates screw removal by utilising a patented twist lock mechanism. The installer simply twists off the rear cover, connects the cabling and twists the cover back on! The labor savings by using the One-Shot horn on a large job are significant.

To make it even easier, we’ve also incorporated our patented dog leg mounting bracket which eliminates the need to separate the horn from the bracket during installation.

The One-Shot horn is primarily used for fire and evacuation systems where a high degree of speech articulation and program clarity is paramount. Typical applications include schools, train and bus stations, airports, car parks and plant rooms.

Note: This updated model requires no additional equalisation to comply with the Australian Standard.


  • Designed to meet AS ISO7240.24:2018 for fire/evac installations
  • Requires no external EQ for AS ISO7240.24:2018 fire systems
  • Twist lock cap reduces installation time
  • UV stabilised ABS construction
  • Excellent sound dispersion
  • IP66 rated for weather resistance
  • EWIS line monitoring system compatible
  • Two cable glands supplied for loop in, loop out wiring
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • 5 year warranty

Data Sheet

Certificate Of Conformity


  • Rated Noise Power: 10 Watts (100V line)
  • Power Taps & Impedance: 1.25W (8kΩ), 2.5W (4kΩ),  5W (2kΩ), 7.5W (1.33kΩ), 10W (1kΩ)
  • Sensitivity: Horizontal 104dB (1W @ 1m), 92dB (1W @ 4m), Vertical 103dB (1W @ 1m), 91dB (1W @ 4m)
  • Max SPL: Horizontal 112dB (10W @ 1m), 100dB (10W @ 4m), Vertical 112dB (10W @ 1m), 100dB (10W @ 4m)
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz - 12.5kHz, 500Hz - 6.3kHz 0±5dB
  • Coverage Angle (-6dB): Horizontal 500Hz: 95°, 1kHz: 120°, 2kHz: 90°, 4kHz: 40°, Vertical 500Hz: 130°, 1kHz: 130°, 2kHz: 115°, 4kHz: 55°
  • Environmental Type: B (for outdoor applications as per standard)
  • Speaker Component: Aluminium voice coil former
  • Mounting Depth: 259mm
  • Mounting Method: Wall bracket with mounting holes
  • Line Monitoring: Yes, 22µF bipolar capacitor
  • Applicable Cable: 2.5mm2 (14AWG) max conductor area
  • Connection: 4 way screw terminal
  • Finish: Flame retardant ABS (Absolac 300 MFR)
  • IP Rating: IP66
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to 55°C
  • Weight: 1.4kg



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