Resistor/Capacitor Decade Box Kit K7520

SKU: 9321758176962


Designed by Altronics. (Silicon Chip Magazine Aug. 2014). A decade box is a really handy device for trying capacitor and resistor values in-circuit before you select the final value to solder down. This box offers a 1Ω to 999,999Ω resistance range and 100pF to 9.99999µF capacitance range. The circuit has a residual resistance of 1Ω and residual capacitance of 20pF. Kit includes 0.6 Watt resistors. Output can be set up to be used in series or parallel. Easy thumbwheel value selection.

Includes pre-drilled and screenprinted front panel for a professional finish

Important Note For Kit Buyers:
This product contains components that require SMD soldering. This product is supplied in component form and requires soldering and assembly. We recommend users are familiar with at least basic electronic principles and have the ability to solder.

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