Ruijie/Reyee RG-EST310, 5GHz, 10dBi Point-to-Point Wireless Bridge WIF-RY-00033

SKU: 6971693271319


Ruijie Reyee RG-EST310 is an 802.11ac wireless bridge for video surveillance backhaul or remote wireless transmissions.  Applications include; elevators, tower cranes, factories, campuses and construction sites.


  • 5GHz single-band dual-stream chip.
  • 867Mbps wireless transmit rate.
  • One Click Set-Up & Management via the free Ruijie Cloud App.
  • Eliminate site visits.
  • PTMP Supported Bridging (ie. 1 recorder, multiple cameras).
  • High Durability: IP54 rating provides dust, water and heat protection for outdoor environments.
  • Power Supply Redundancy Support (12v and/or 24v)
  • V-0 Flame-retardant Material

The RG-EST310 includes 2 devices paired by default and can be deployed without requiring any configuration via the Ruijie Cloud App, which also provides critical features such as viewing the network topology, network access, fault alarms and configuration modifications, significantly decreasing the amount of site visits required.

Utilising the new high-performance 5GHz single-band dual-stream chip, the RG-EST310 offers up to 867Mbps secure, wireless 2×2 MIMO transmission rates and significantly enhances the efficiency and stability of network bridge data transfer.

With Dual Power Support this unit provides power redundancy options in case of power failure and the IP54 weather-resistant materials ensure the device is capable of effectively withstanding the impact of bad weather or harsh environments, offering high durability while significantly reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Includes, free lifetime Ruijie Cloud-management. (Ruijie Cloud App)

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